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For the Mom's

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Mother's day is coming.... are you ready?

A mother, by definition, is a woman in relation to her child or children.  This definition is vague at best and hardly scratches the surface of the true meaning. It seems rather bland and boring, and there is nothing bland or boring about being a mother.  And if we are being honest here, it's not entirely possible to simply define what or who a mother is. A mother doesn't just give birth or bring up a child. 

Mothers are the leaders of the world to their littles.  From that small, naive perspective, mothers are the bravest, the smartest, the prettiest, the funniest--they simply encompass the -best- of all things.  It's easy to see and know this when looking into the eyes of your little one.  It's also in that shared moment with your own mother, when you both know she was right...about everything, even if no one is saying it out loud.  ;) 

On this day dedicated to her, we take the time to stop and acknowledge all moms, everything you do day to day, every day, all day, all of the time.  Being a mom doesn't stop.  Ever.  It's the best and toughest job there is.   We see you mom!  Everything that you do for everyone else, everything you sacrificed to make sure everyone else had what they needed or wanted even when they didn't know exactly what

that was and the way you put others before yourself.  All of the time.  Even those secret moments when you lay awake at night worrying, hoping, praying, or feeling guilty for something you thought you could have done better or been nicer or had more patience.  Just as the definition wasn't enough to tell us what a mother is, there aren't words enough to express the gratitude and love for all that YOU do.  Do you know just how important you are?  Does your mother know?


Mother's have all the days and so on this day, make it about her.   This Mother's day be sure to tell her.  It only takes a minute or two, to call or text, drop off a card or flowers or a special gift... for most it's the precious memory that is the true gift.  

It's been said that a mother is someone who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.  There are so many cards, quotes and sayings about Moms and Mother's day. Share your favorite card, quote, picture, video or memory/story of Mother's day with us below.  We'll get you started with some of our own!

Happy Mother's day Moms, today and every day! Don't forget to share your story (and your stacked bracelets!) with us. <3


the Erimish Girl Gang

Pictures of the Moms of Erimish with captions on what being a mother means to them.
Erimish Moms on what being a mother means to them.

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