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Galetines with the Crew of Erimish

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Galentines with the crew of Erimish

Happy Galentine's Day from the #erimishbabes! Love is definitely in the air (or is that chocolate?!?). We are celebrating each other here at Erimish Headquarters today. We have cupcakes and candies aplenty. We've got chocolates and cookies galore. Not to mention bracelets, earrings and more!

But...what is best? Our crew! We know we are very lucky to have two of the best #girlbosses there are. We are double blessed to have each other. Erimish has worked extra hard to cultivate a fun, friendly and caring work environment. So much so, that we have become a family. Everyone does their part and is always willing to lend a hand wherever needed. Just as any crew, we face challenges daily but we pull together. It's always a team effort. And this is why a celebration and recognition was an absolute must.

Empowered women work to empower other women. There is nothing like the support and inspiration of other strong, independent women.

Are you celebrating your Gals this Valentine's day? Tell us about her and don't forget to tag her!


The Girl Gang

The #girlbosses of Erimish. #erimishbabe #galentines
Misha & Ericka (Eri-Mish)

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