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He's the Dad!

Father's day is happening this weekend and we sure hope you're already ready. Hint, hint, if you're not!

The Erimish Dad Day giveaway was a success so we know at least one dad will be styling and profiling this weekend. ;) We sure hope he enjoys his Man Crate (that beef jerky was lucky it escaped!) and all of his Dude swag that came with. Check it out on our Instagram to see all the details.

We know everyone celebrates in different ways, which in our home, means barbecue. Dad will be grilling up some delicous-ness for all of us. Doesn't sound like much of a holiday to me but if cooking for us makes him happy, I suppose I can suffer for the family. (Food? Yes, please!) It's important he know just how much we appreciate all that he does to take care of his us. To all the Dad's out there on this special day, we are hoping you get to spend the day your way and that it puts a big smile on your face and fills your heart with love.

How will you be spending your Father's Day weekend? We'll be watching Insta to see those pictures and stories, hope to see you there!

Much Love,

The Erimish Girl Gang

P.S. Join us on Instagram or Facebook so you can join in on all the fun and free give-aways. You're missing out! ;)

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