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It's your story, tell it in your style.

Make it Personal.
featuring Charming Collection by Erimish

With the new season upon us and so many new releases, we wanted to give you a glimpse of our inspiration. Charming isn't just jewelry. It's not just a fashion statement. It's about you. It's your story, told with your style, expressed as only you can. It's being able to wear your heart on your sleeve. And because there is just so much to share, we didn't stop there. We had to be able to include necklaces and earrings too.

We have so many favorites right now it's hard to imagine wearing just one. (And why would we do that when we can stack them?!!) We love to mix and match initials with birthstone gems and our custom name bracelets for a truly one of a kind look and style that is dear to our hearts.

What could be better? Sharing. Create a truly special gift that conveys your own personal message that will always be cherished. Interchangeable charms allow you to mix and match until you have the ultimate keepsake that says it all.

Show off your style and make it personal. And don't forget to show us, we want to see! Share your style and your story with us by tagging your pictures on Instagram and Facebook with #stackmystyle. Because it's so personal to us, we will be watching.


Erimish Girl Gang

P.S. Let's get even more personal, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see it all. <3

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