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Looking back to go Forward.

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

It's good to slow down, take a moment to reflect on where you've been and where you are going. Now that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season has mostly passed, we would like to take a moment to do just that.  2018 has been an exciting year with more growth than we could have imagined and are forever grateful for.  Our way of expressing this gratitude is to pay it forward. 

Festive image Erimish crew delivering Christmas breakfast, dinner and gifts to local families through the Seneca Bright Futures program.
Erimish Crew delivering Christmas breakfast, dinner and gifts to local families through Seneca Bright Futures program. (2018, 2017 & 2016)

Erimish was able to adopt 10 local families this holiday season.  Every family received the makings of a traditional Christmas breakfast and dinner.  The Erimish crew was also able to shop for each family, ensuring every child received gifts from Santa. Amid the fun of toys and pretty things, each child was provided the warmth and comfort of a new winter coat, hat and gloves.  We only wish we could have been there to see those happy face as they were able to unwrap their new treasures!  There is no better gift than witnessing the pure joy children experience at Christmas. 

The damaging effects of the flooding of the Seneca Baseball Fields in 2017.
Flooded baseball fields of Seneca in 2017.

With Spring on the horizon, we are reminded of just how far we have come. On April 29th 2017, the worst flooding some residents have seen in nearly 60 years occured in Seneca, MO. Pictured above are the baseball fields where the youth play baseball, softball and t-ball. Fencing was down, equipment was submerged and the concession stand was left with nearly 3 feet of standing water. It was our desire to see the kids happy with a restored field and we hoped that by donating $10,000 to assist in clean up and repairs that we could give this special place back to the kids.

A display of school spirit as the Seneca High School Football Team huddles together during the game.  Also pictured is the football field with school Mascot overlayed.
The Seneca High School Football Team and Field.

With a love to sponsor and help raise funds for kids activities, $10,000 was also donated to the Seneca Football Field for a new sound system. Motivated to help improve the quality of our school district for the children is just one of our top priorities.

Erimish's drive to support athletes doesn't end there. Three local baseball and softball teams, as well as the traveling baseball team the Tribe also receive Erimish sponsorship.  The Tribe has been sponsored for 3 years and will be playing in the World Series in Saint Louis this year. 

The Tribe  Photo of SWMO Tribe Baseball Team  9u AAA State Champions 2018.
The Tribe Photo of SWMO Tribe Baseball Team 9u AAA State Champions 2018.

We also can't wait to watch Makayla French play for the USA Softball Team this summer in the Dominican Republic. Erimish eagerly donated to help support her for this exciting opportunity. We've got nothing but positive vibes for Makayla, her team and family. It is certain to be a great experience for all. Go team! Is it game day yet?

We love to be able to help lighten the burden of the cost that it sometimes takes to be on these teams.

When we learned of Syndi Brown's class efforts to raise money on her behalf, we knew we wanted to do something special. It was our privilege to be able to match those donations.

Local 5th grader, Syndi Brown, is all smiles undergoing medical treatment for cancer.
Local 5th grader, Syndi Brown, is all smiles!

Ericka and Misha supporting our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week with a pizza lunch and pretty bracelets.
Ericka and Misha supporting our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Every year Seneca schools have a special week for expressing their gratitude to the teachers for all that they do for our students. It takes a village!

Ericka and Misha (Eri-Mish!) joined in on the fun and activities. Erimish hosted a pizza lunch buffet and the suprise gift of pretty stackable bracelets to add to their collections.

There simply isn't enough that we can say about our wonderful teachers and their dedication to our students.

We had so much fun!

Seeing these smiling faces is the best thank you ever.

The smiling faces of a local class holding up thank you signs for Erimish.
The best thank you's are these smiling faces!

With the new year comes many new things, 2019 is just getting started and so are we. Spring is nearly upon us with summer just peaking over the horizon. The construction of the new Erimish HQ is well underway and we can't wait to show you. Make this journey with us and stay tuned for more details. There is so much more coming!

May there be great joy in all you do with this new year! It is our hope to make every moment count.


The Erimish Girl Gang

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