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Our Story

Updated: May 29, 2018

Ericka and Misha, our two amazing #GirlBosses!

While in a showroom looking for clothing to showcase in our new boutique, we found something more valuable than any garment we could have purchased that day. A young woman reached out her arm to greet us, and stacked down her arm were a wide array of worn leather bracelets. Her personal style spoke to us as something that we could bring to our customers in a way that had never been one before.

We launched a brand-new Bracelet Bar in our boutique with the bracelets we had bought, separating them into groups based on their designs and colors. The mix and match Bracelet Bar allowed our customers to mix and match to create a stack of bracelets that represented their own personal style. The Bracelet Bar in our small boutique was a hit, but to truly create what we wanted and to make the most of our Bracelet Bar, we needed to become designers.

From an early age, we believed that if you want something, you do it, and you do everything in your power to make it what you want it to be. Being the daughters of entrepreneurs, we pursued our dream of going into business together when we opened the clothing boutique in Joplin, Missouri. We wanted the freedom and flexibility that comes with being our own bosses, and to allow us to raise our families while doing what we love.

After deciding to go from boutique owners to jewelry designers in launching our brand Erimish, which is a combination of our two names, we still had a steep hill to climb. Having never created a piece of jewelry, we had to learn how to design, create, and manufacture jewelry from scratch. We used this significant challenge as our motivation to create a new and exciting brand of jewelry in our own style.

-The Girl Gang

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