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Overcoming Children

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

For the last few years the general manager of Erimish, Candice Albertson, has been called to go serve God and help the children in the schools/orphanages of Kakamega Africa, Bunyore Africa, and Nambale Africa meet their physical and spiritual needs. She shared God’s love through giving her time, talents, love and desire to go where she felt God has led her. One of the big things that her missions group did for these schools, was buying shoes for every kid that needed them, or did not have them at all. In Africa, wearing shoes should be a priority as there is a parasite called jiggers that you get from not wearing shoes. This can start with swelling, itching, and infection, and if not treated will eventually lead to limb loss. With the help of Erimish, the missions group was able to buy these children a brand new pair of shoes and socks.

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