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Saved by the Bell! Supporting teachers with pretty projects.

It's that time again....wait I'm not ready!! Where did the summer go? It was just here yesterday and now the kiddos are back at it. Oh, and the teachers too! To support our community, local teachers were recruited to help get us organized and ready for the big move to the new HQ! We didn't want them to get too bored over their summer holiday. ;)

We have to give them a huge shout out. These ladies are master bead sorters and helped organize all of our pretty little things. Many woman-hours were spent sorting beads by shape, color, and material. They have such done a wonderful job. You have got to see the final results. We couldn't have done this without them. Who knew there were so many?! (We knew!) We just had to show you....because there aren't enough words to express our appreciation of all that they do!

This bead wall might be singing in shades of blue but it's got us feeling <3 <3 <3. And supporting teachers in the process makes us feel good all over. Has being organized always been this pretty? Yes, please! Does helping our local teachers feel great? It does and we can't wait for our next project.

Want to see more of the new Erimish HQ? Then you should be following us on Insta and Facebook for all the latest updates.

Much love,

The Erimish Girl Gang

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