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Summers last Hurrah

It's almost fall :) All the smells and colors are my favorite. The weather starts to cool off and ahhh. Which only means summer is almost over. And I know I will miss it. The cute summer dresses, tan skin, beach days, endless pink drinks and my favorite bright colored stacks.

This stack makes me think of orange push pops, YUM!

Which leaves me scrambling to fit the last few weeks of summer in. Not that I won't welcome fall with cardi covered open arms. I mean I love fall too!! With its dark colors, layers of my favorite comfy shirts, pumpkin drinks and bonfires. Cliche, yes I know, but hey basic girl problems.

Even though I'm not able to go do something super summer fun, like the beach. I still have things on my agenda to get the most out of my summer.

1. To give me that nostalgic feeling we have a local drive in. I remember going every weekend with my friends and throwing our blankets down and sharing a big tub of popcorn. Oh those summer nights.

I can smell the popcorn from here ;)

2. With the beach 100's of miles away we have a great spot in our state that still gives you that beach day experience. It's only a few hours away so it makes it an easy day trip with your best friends.

I recommend looking up what your state has to offer. You never know what's in your very own backyard :)

Can't wait to soak up view!

3. Find a fair and go! I don't care how old you are or if you hate rides. They have something for everyone! Plus you are sure to have a night of laughs, so grab your bestie and go eat some fried twinkies and wash it down with a rootbeer float. You can worry about the calories later :)

Funnel cakes are calling my name

Seriously some of the best memories are made in the summer. So enjoy the last few weeks this summer has and welcome the fall with no regrets.

Crushing on fall

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